Sunday, April 26, 2015

Media Coverage of the San Jose State University Spartans

San Jose State University's Spartans athletic teams don't get as much media coverage as some other schools do, so it can take a fan a little work to find news about the Spartans. Luckily there are some really good resources available:

  • Over the years, San Jose Mercury News has done an inconsistent job of covering the Spartans. However, with Jimmy Durkin as the beat writer for the Spartans and his coworkers chipping in with reporting on occasion, the Mercury News has been doing a fine job lately. Check the following resources for news about the Spartans:
  • is the Scout site for Spartans information. Formerly this site was called Inside Sparta, but then along with a change in the publisher of the site came a change in name. Jackson Moore and the Scout team have done an outstanding job of getting information about football recruits. Be sure to check the forums, where you, hundreds of fans, and the Scout team can talk about the Spartans.
  • Spartan Blitz is the 247sports site for Spartans information. Spartan Blitz has in the past usually beaten in posting recruit commitments, but is closing the gap. The forums are pretty dead on this site, but are an alternative to
  • Spartan Roundball, a blog by Kevin McCarthy, is a blog that follows Spartan men's basketball very closely.
Go Spartans!

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