Tuesday, April 28, 2015

LinkedIn Groups for SJSU School of Business Students and Alumni

LinkedIn is the leading professional networking site, where thousands of SJSU alumni and students have registered. LinkedIn Groups allow people of a common interest to connect with each other. Here are some LinkedIn Groups for students and alumni of the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business, listed in order of size from large to small:
  • San Jose State University (official group)
    • Connects over 27,000 members.
    • Group profile: "Welcome to the San Jose State University official group on LinkedIn. We invite you to connect with fellow San Jose State alumni, students, faculty and staff in this forum to expand your professional and personal network."
  • BGS-SF LinkedIn Group
    • Connects over 1,400 members.
    • Group profile: "We are a community comprised of diverse professionals who live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area and have achieved lifetime membership in the Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society through exemplary achievements in business academics. The San Francisco Area Alumni Chapter (BGS-SF) engages in activities that aim to integrate our members with the business and business education communities of San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area. Holding formal educational programs as well as social and networking events, the Chapter provides our members and friends of Beta Gamma Sigma with opportunities to learn about topics ranging from career management to the latest business and industry trends."
  • SJSU Business MIS Alumni Network
    • Connects over 700 members.
    • Group profile: "Graduates of San Jose State University College of Business with the MIS Concentration"
  • SJSU MBA (Official Group)
    • Connects over 700 members.
    • Group profile: "For MBA alumni of San Jose State University's Lucas Graduate School of Business, as well as currently enrolled MBA students."
  • Graduate Business Students Association (GBSA) at San Jose State University
    • Connects over 400 members.
    • Group profile: “The Donald and Sally Lucas Graduate School of Business Graduate Business Students Association will represent the interests, needs, and concerns of conventional, off-campus, and executive style MBA programs along with MS in Taxation, MBA/MS in Engineering Dual Degree, MS in Accountancy, and MS in Transportation Management programs at San Jose State.”
  • Banking and Investment Association at San Jose State University
    • Connects over 200 members.
    • Group profile: "The Banking and Investment Association is an undergraduate organization at San José State University, working closely with the faculty and its office members to enhance the undergraduate experience and meet the needs of the student body. The organization was created on Spring ‘09 as the Banking and Financial Services Club. After merging with Spartan Investors, a new club was made. Our main goal is to promote activities that benefit the financial community, students, and faculty. In doing so we are able to develop strong leaders in finance."
  • SJSU MS Taxation (Official Group)
    • Connects over 140 members.
    • Group profile: "For MST alumni of San Jose State University's Lucas Graduate School of Business, as well as currently enrolled MST students."
  • SJSU MS Accountancy (Official Group)
    • Connects over 140 members.
    • Group profile: "For Master of Science in Accountancy graduates of San Jose State University's Lucas Graduate School of Business, as well as currently enrolled MSA students."
  • International Business Association- SJSU (Official Group)
    • Connects over 130 members.
    • Group profile: "International Business Association at San Jose State University is a professional networking organization for students, faculty and alumni from all majors interested in global commerce. Our mission is to establish relationships with local firms who operate globally, encourage study and work abroad, and create a platform to connect people from different backgrounds to share International Business knowledge and experience. We provide assistance to students and alumni seeking employment on a global level."
  • Spartan Thinkers Society at SJSU
    • Connects over 70 members.
    • Group profile: "The Spartan's Thinkers Society - The "Creation Engine" of new social, business, technical and initiatives for incubation in the Silicon Valley's "ground zero". Pioneering innovative collaboration strategies between students, alumni, faculty, administrators and Silicon Valley companies. Bringing together great minds and great resources to drive Innovation."
  • SAM San Jose State Chapter
    • Connects over 20 members.
    • Group profile: "The Society for the Advancement of Management, San Jose State chapter. We're an organization of motivated multi-departmental students ready for leadership in today's competitive business landscape."
  • Business Management Alumni of SJSU
    • Connects over 10 members.
    • Group profile: "Business management students, professors, and alumni of SJSU may join this group for networking purposes. You are also encouraged to join this group if you currently hold a management position but did not major in management. Welcome home, Spartan."
Know of any more LinkedIn Groups that may be of interest to School of Business students and alumni? Please let me know by leaving a comment.

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